Helme Pasture

Self-catering Lodges and Cottages – Nidderdale, Yorkshire Dales

Our Woodland

We have approximately 29 acres of natural woodland comprising of Oak, Birch, Holly, Beech, Ash, etc. The woodland is generally left alone to develop and grow on its own. Where possible, fallen branches are left to slowly decay as these are a haven for insect life which in turn make a plentiful source of food for birds living in the wood.
A few times a year we have a team of volunteers from the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Beauty (NAOB) who tidy up areas which need attention, create further ‘pockets’ for insects to inhabit and ensure footpaths remain in good condition.

In addition to this, we have around 30 bird boxes situated around the woodland for various species of bird to make use of. When in use, these are checked and occupant species, eggs laid, and chicks present are recorded and added to a nationwide database to help reflect current bird numbers, locations and population density in the UK.

There are numerous paths in the wood which our guests are free to use and explore. All we ask is that nothing is damaged or left, apart from footprints, as you explore.

Although very variable, the mammals which can be seen in our woods include roe deer, badgers, foxes, grey squirrels, rabbits, stoats, weasels etc. There are lots of hidden areas which can be used for cover whilst quietly watching the wildlife pass by.

We are especially grateful to all the NAOB volunteers and organisers who give their time to help develop and promote the land and wildlife within Nidderdale.